Useful Information


Current notices and reminders can be found on the notice board at Rainbow’s front door. Administration and reminders will be communicated by email. There is a parents’ Whatsapp group – this is optional but is useful for reminders and discussion with other parents. New parents will be emailed the link to join the group. Parents will also receive an email newsletter from the primary school and occasional Rainbow newsletters. Each year we ask for parent volunteers to be class representatives, to help maintain the communications between the school, the PTA and the parents, to organise parent socials, and to help organise fundraising.


Settling in

On the first day, you and your child will be greeted at the door by our manager. Your child will then be settled into their room by the staff. If staff judge that it is appropriate, you may be invited into the room, but our experience is that children settle quicker and easier without parents present. You are welcome to call during the day to check in on your child.


What to bring

Please bring a piece of fruit, readily prepared for your child to eat at snack time (sliced and/or peeled if desired). This should be labelled or in a labelled container. Grapes and small tomatoes must be sliced in half lengthways. Milk or water and a biscuit or cracker are provided. Please note that we often have children on our register who have intolerances or allergies to certain foods, so we ask that you provide your child with fruit only. You will be advised if any fruit could cause a problem.  If your child is staying for lunch club, they will need a healthy packed lunch (see Lunch club above).

It is advisable to bring a labelled bag with a change of clothes for your child, just in case of accidents or spills, to hang on their named coat peg. All items sent to school, including clothing, backpacks, bags, lunchboxes and water bottles, should be clearly labelled on the outside.


Parent co-operation is also appreciated when dealing with illness.  We ask parents not to send a child to school if they are ill.  It is not fair on them or the other children if the illness is infectious. Please be vigilant and inform us, by phone or email, if your child has an infectious illness. When necessary, we will display a notice on the notice board to inform parents of any infectious illnesses that are circulating.

On the admission form, there is space to notify us of allergies, medical conditions or particular fears that a child may have. Please be sure to complete this if applicable. Always keep the manager informed of any matters affecting your child’s physical or emotional state, which may require them to have special attention.