A typical day at Rainbow

Morning session

9:00   Children and parents arrive and are greeted by staff. Children will be directed to the Rainbow Room or Sunbeams Room on arrival, saying goodbye to their adults at the door. Children bring a snack, water bottle, coat and bag. Children staying for lunch club place packed lunch on the trolley. Pre-school children self-register.

9:15   During the morning session children have a free choice of the daily activities, which are planned to help develop their skills and concepts in a fun and accessible way.

9:30   The snack table opens. The garden is open for Pre-school. Outside play is offered at times to be decided by the staff (with each group having a period of exclusive use during the session).

Children may choose when to have their snack, which they do in small groups, giving them a chance to join in talking with friends and staff.

11:30   Tidy-up time. All the children help to tidy up before coming together in their groups.

11:40   Circle time involving group activities such as talking about the weather, counting games and story time.

12:00   End of morning session. Collection time for those going home.

Afternoon session

12.00 – 13:00   Lunch club (optional)

Quiet time to read or play quietly when finished eating

13:00   Outside play (weather permitting)

14:40   Tidy-up time

14:45   Circle time

15:00   End of session. Parents and carers are invited to collect their children.