The Rainbow Committee is made up of volunteers from our parent body.

We work within a framework that promotes equality of opportunity for all children and families. The committee is responsible for reviewing both policy and practice, for the employment and appraisal of members of staff, and for all financial issues, including fundraising.

Our Annual General Meeting, at which the committee for the following year is elected, is held in October and parents will be informed in good time so that they are able to attend.

The 2018/19 committee:

  • Chair - Tatjana Rizi
  • Treasurer - Helen Midgley
  • Secretary - Ania Konik Resende 
  • Parent Liaison - Lori Colliander
  • Claire Hilliard 
  • Anna Sidders
  • Teresa Yurtisik

  • If you would like to e-mail the committee please click here.